Cotton Canvas Double Drawstring Bag - Natural Color - Unbleached


Our Cotton CANVAS muslin drawstring bags are our thickest and more durable bags made with Finest Pure 100% Cotton Fabric. These bags are the perfect choice for anyone that wants to add more charm to their special event, create DIY projects or just keep everything at organized while adding more elegance to their home.

These Double drawstring bags offer unrivaled versatility and convenience. These provide you with the security you need for all your personal items making these a great choice for storing candles, wedding favors, crafts, fresh fruits or simply decorate your home or event along with so much more!

Each bag is made using natural cotton that can be re-used many times. These are free from any kind of harmful chemicals and plastics making these completely safe to use for you and your family.

With our natural cotton muslin bags, you can finally reduce your plastic waste output and embrace a healthier and greener life while the keeping the costs down.